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Why I love the Divi WordPress theme

Why I love the Divi WordPress theme

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of the WordPress theme Divi (<– NB affiliate link).  I often get asked what’s so good about Divi, which is a great question.  Before I get into... read more
How to maintain your WordPress website

How to maintain your WordPress website

  Picture this: a potential client has been on your website reading your blog posts and all about your offerings.  She’s interested and want to book a chat with you, but can’t get the contact form on your website working.  Every time she clicks to... read more

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I'm a Online Business Mentor for healers and coaches. I'm here to help you get confident with tech, share your message online + grow your community so you can find more clients.

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The initial website creation session was great, I feel we covered so much ground!! I also liked being able to chose when our follow up sessions were rather than having to do one per week or all within a fixed time. I have already recommended you to other self employed friends who want a professional modern site at a good price.

— Lon Gibbons, Arvigo Therapist & Yoga Teacher
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